"Twice! TWICE!" I shouted at a friend via Gchat... twice I got hit in public with disgusting "stuff."

The first time it was via a pigeon who just couldn't "hold it" until I passed underneath his or her tree.

The second time was a little kid or mom (not sure which one) who couldn't control their smashed-up hot dog with ketchup and mustard.

The best part - this happened in public. From a huge white, liquid-y dropping down my jet black coat outside the World Bank to the gooey dog and bun with a nasty mix of condiments on my foot and shoe - I had the lovely audience of the DC public.

Seeing that both times my public humiliation took place was close to the lunch hour and near the White House I am was even more lucky to have had such a diverse audience. Yes, you had your tourists, 6-7K lawyers, lobbyists of every flag and the local street people.

My thought each time - "Awesome..." Surprisingly I wasn't really embarrassed either time. Interesting.

More than anything I laugh because typically it's me who's enjoying the noon scene with situations such as mine; ones that are so good I must share with others.

Oh well. I got it. The joke is totally on me (this time).


p.s. Even though I was mad at the pigeon I still helped out one of his handicapped fellow pigeons just 20 mins later. Let's just say, I'm not one to hold grudges.


Three Cheers to Being Boring

Looking for some inspiration to finishing a project I turned to friend, Twitter and yup… my blog. The blog that I neglected for most of 2010 and apparently a good portion of 2011. The blog that, when I look back at some of the original posts, is a tad bit (ahem, very much so) embarrassing. Anyway, why do I look at it for inspiration for a work project? Well, it’s because I’m supposed to be writing about a subject I am passionate about. And if you know me, I am passionate about five things.

Agriculture | Trade | Business |Politics |Sports

Very broad subjects, I’m well aware. But for each committee of subjects there are subcommittees such as the Sub-Committee on agricultural trade and the sub-committee on dairy products. And, of course, there are sub-committees to the sub-committees. I won’t bore you with the committee tree (what, you’re surprised by the fact that I have my passions sketched out in a hierarchical tree/graph?!)

When I first started this lovely blog it was intended to make the friends back home laugh over bits and pieces of the ridiculousness of my life. But as I matured, so did some of my subjects – often subjects of my passions. And that is what leads me to today. I am perusing the site to see if there is anything that inspires me to write a compelling piece that will be read by more than my 12 online groupies (otherwise known as my best friends).

Thirty minutes later. Nothing. I am actually bothered by this. Not only by the time that was wasted but also by the lackluster content I put on this thing. But then (light bulb!) I stopped and got very happy. Since it’s far from interesting, there’s a rare chance that this will be viewed by many outside of my groupie readership. And if you look at no. 4 on that list up there… it’s probably for the better. Yes, I’m sad to say that I’m was lead to think about this due to the increase in scandals that have taken place on the Hill and around the political arena in the past six months. (sigh) Perhaps someday we’ll all be a bit smarter and more boring when it comes to the internet.


You know what's new to my plate of fun listening? The Currents' new Local Current

MN native or not, you'll love it.


Ode to Technology

For one of my classes this semester I had to 'give-up' some forms of technology. It was for us to choose what to let go of for a five days (M-F). I had originally thought that I would give-up internet or Facebook but then realized with a budding 1,000 friendship, that might not be the best thing to do. But I knew that I had to give-up something that would leave a lasting impression via this experience. Thus I gave-up two things. 1. Television (this included streaming shows and news online) and 2. I said "no" to my smartphone. The funny thing is, I was so caught-up in figuring out what with give-up that I totally forgot about prepping the people who rely on contacting me via my phone and streaming work issues while away from the office. So, needless to say, I'm coming into work earlier so I don't miss anything and, well, the folks got a long-winded call at 10:30 p.m. on Sunday letting them know that they can reach me in a week.

I do have to say there have only been a few things that I have taken away from the experience thus far:

1. I feel (info) naked when I can't watch the morning news
2. Lack of info hasn't driven me to other sources of info yet (I always was a print/internet/tv/streaming combo kind of gal)
3. I miss the 'relaxing' hour I have with tv when I get home but don't really miss it as I'm busy with work and/or school
4. I miss my alarm clock on my phone the most

For as chatty as I am, I'm not a big pick-up the phone and chat for hours type of gal. This stopped after my elementary school best friend and I got over smelly-socks and 4-H jokes. We only had to dial 7 digits back then to call each other. It really has been that long. I find that I don't over-rely on any one form of technology for things. Perhaps the internet would be the winner of that argument but since I'm required to use it for work, it wasn't practical for this assignment.

But since I'm thinking about it... what would I do if I didn't have the internet?

Read and cook more. At least that's what I assume. Though, I can honestly say that I cook 2/3's + of my own meals and find that I spend at least 6 hours a day reading between books, journals, internet, etc. so would cutting internet access really help? Hrm... maybe it would help me foster better communication? Okay, I can say, yes and no to this. Yes, as it would force me to VERBALLY connect with people more but no because if it hadn't been for the internet, it would have been highly unlikely that I would be back in communication with some great people from days gone by.

So I wonder aloud, has technology really been for the better when it comes to my life? I think so. But I wouldn't mind cutting back on my dependence on it if it means I'll get a little more out of life.


Nebraska Corn Kernels: Soda's 'natural' sugar marketing gimmick falls fla...

Cold, hard truth about sugar.

Nebraska Corn Kernels: Soda's 'natural' sugar marketing gimmick falls fla...: "There is no nutritional difference between corn sugar (high fructose corn syrup, HFCS) and cane or beet sugar – a sugar is a sugar, after al..."


Hi-Fiving Pandas Makes it REAL

Hu's in town! Read that again. It's a statement, not a question. It's all the buzz here in the beltway and sadly not enough puns have come out of the situation. People have been talking about it a little here and a little there... nothing of substance has popped-up, yet. Well, that was until I saw the WSJ tweet leading me to this page. AMAZING.

Regardless of whether you think economics, trade and currency are fun topics the Taiwanese know how to 'rap' it up in summary. HHHHAHAHA. Yes, I totally meant for that.


Flying Made Fun

I discovered this not too long ago. I am very excited to be matched with someone just as awesome. No really. I'm excited.


China & Football

So I'm holding back on starting a paper on China and using the excuse of Monday Night Football to justify my laziness. No winner? I didn't think so either. But it's an exciting night in sports with the Broncos playing the Chargers (note: I cheer for the Broncs), Miss State & Ark are in 2OT (football) and Duke beating Marquette in basketball. I find all of these way more exciting than starting my paper.

This fascination is good for a few solid reasons. First of all, because of my fascination of all things sports I am never bored when I turn on the teevee. Secondly, current knowledge of sports does help me with talking to boys. So I'm banking on this ignoring my homework thing and catching up on some key games as an important move for my future.



And on a totally un-sports-related note ... this is HILARIOUS! (and so, so wrong)