"Twice! TWICE!" I shouted at a friend via Gchat... twice I got hit in public with disgusting "stuff."

The first time it was via a pigeon who just couldn't "hold it" until I passed underneath his or her tree.

The second time was a little kid or mom (not sure which one) who couldn't control their smashed-up hot dog with ketchup and mustard.

The best part - this happened in public. From a huge white, liquid-y dropping down my jet black coat outside the World Bank to the gooey dog and bun with a nasty mix of condiments on my foot and shoe - I had the lovely audience of the DC public.

Seeing that both times my public humiliation took place was close to the lunch hour and near the White House I am was even more lucky to have had such a diverse audience. Yes, you had your tourists, 6-7K lawyers, lobbyists of every flag and the local street people.

My thought each time - "Awesome..." Surprisingly I wasn't really embarrassed either time. Interesting.

More than anything I laugh because typically it's me who's enjoying the noon scene with situations such as mine; ones that are so good I must share with others.

Oh well. I got it. The joke is totally on me (this time).


p.s. Even though I was mad at the pigeon I still helped out one of his handicapped fellow pigeons just 20 mins later. Let's just say, I'm not one to hold grudges.

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